Family Stay in Alabama ?>

Family Stay in Alabama

One of the stops we made during our trip was in Mobile and our host was guy named Michael. Very cool guy! He was born and raised in Alabama, moving from place to place and finally settled in Mobile with his brother Francis. Both are very kind guys, always hustling and working late.

Both Michael and Francis are paving contractors. I saw them get up around 5 am and come back as late as midnight! Isn’t that crazy?! I though that working at a convenience store for 8 hours a day was tough, and the way those guys put in work has totally changed the way I look at what “tough” means.

Our family spent 3 days at their house and we got to see most of the area. It’s very non-redneck if that’s what you’re thinking, but most of the people do have a thick southern accent, which I totally loved.

The very first day we went to the Battleship Memorial Park. It was a very educational experience for all of us including my parents even though my mom is a huge history buff. Many people we’ve met there were veterans who truly appreciated the memorial and I could tell that it meant a lot to the. After being in the park for a couple of hours, I started noticing that 70 to 80 percent of all people have a very thick southern accent and the funny thing was, that it didn’t matter on the color of their skin. Prior to visiting Alabama I though that everyone who lives there is a white skinned redneck who shoots guns for fun, drives an old Chevy 4 by 4 and goes through 3 cans of dip per day, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Both Mobile and Baldwin counties, which are right next to each other and the only ones we really got to see, had a very diverse population from what I could tell. People of all skin colors, body types and ages. One simply wasn’t overpowering or dominating another. I felt very comfy there and might even move there in the future.

So here’s what I think of Alabama… It’s beautiful! The were a couple of well developed cities, but mostly it’s country and greenery all over the place and all are supplemented with beautiful landscapes. I’ve actually written a couple of reviews about the places we’ve been to on google and might end up writing a long, hopefully not so boring story about all of the things we did.

Since it was a family trip and as I have mentioned before, my mother is a history buff, the whole trip was less about relaxing and more about learning more history about our country and the importance of cities such as Mobile, Alabama in the history of the United States. I found it funny how many old war museums we have come across and went to. We didn’t even plan on it, just happened to stumble up a couple and BAM!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but my dad is huge on collecting old war stuff, and man, does Mobile have a ton of small mom n pop stores selling “antiques” from the war times. Never know if they are real, but it’s still fun to lurk around.

That’s it for today and stay tuned for more on Alabama, I’ll definitely tag this post if I happen to write another one in the future. Like I said, It might seem like a boring story, but I’ll do my best to spice it up.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more!

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