Meeting Sophie ?>

Meeting Sophie

Every year, my family and I take this crazy trips for weeks at a time to all the states in one area of the country. We generally try to visit about seven states in two weeks. This year, our trip was to the southern region of the United States. We were visiting Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

In every trip we have taken, we try to spend as little money as possible so we do not stay at hotels. We always try and stay with a host. Along with saving money, we also get more of an experience from staying with a host. You get to know more about the place you are staying and get to know someone new. This has always been one of my favorite parts of our trips. I get to know so many new people and learn about what they think of their state and their favorite things to do there. Without this type of person to show you around, you may not learn as much about the place you are visiting and only see the little covering, not the real hidden beauty within.

As we traveled, each host was very nice and showed us around. We got through Florida and Georgia and then on the fourth day moved on to Alabama.

So far, the hosts were nice and sweet but none of them had really touched me in a way. In Alabama we stayed in Mobile with a young girl named Sophie. She was in college and had a large house that had been left to her by her parents after they had passed in a car wreck. She was hosting people to pay for college, not wanting to rely on her parents money to get her through. Since she was so young, we really clicked.

She showed me her favorite ice cream shop in town and also took me on a tour of her college. One day she even let me go to class with her. She was in training to become an artist and I was in awe as I watched her sketch out even the tiniest details in her drawings. We ended up going horseback riding later on the same day with my sister and brother. She took us to her favorite spot up in the mountain by an old sycamore tree. We sat and watched the sunset into a beautiful golden yellow and then an orange, slowly fading into dark blue.

We ended up getting to stay in Alabama for three days and when it was time to leave I was devastated. I loved being with Sophie and did not want to say goodbye already. We promised to keep in touch and I said I would come visit her once again. Throughout the rest of the trip, no other host touched me in the same way Sophie had. I truly enjoyed my time in Alabama with Sophie.

Those are the kinds of things that stay in your heart and Sophie sure touched mine.

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