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Month: June 2016

Family Stay in Alabama ?>

Family Stay in Alabama

One of the stops we made during our trip was in Mobile and our host was guy named Michael. Very cool guy! He was born and raised in Alabama, moving from place to place and finally settled in Mobile with his brother Francis. Both are very kind guys, always hustling and working late.

Both Michael and Francis are paving contractors. I saw them get up around 5 am and come back as late as midnight! Isn’t that crazy?! I though that working at a convenience store for 8 hours a day was tough, and the way those guys put in work has totally changed the way I look at what “tough” means.

Our family spent 3 days at their house and we got to see most of the area. It’s very non-redneck… Continue reading

Meeting Sophie ?>

Meeting Sophie

Every year, my family and I take this crazy trips for weeks at a time to all the states in one area of the country. We generally try to visit about seven states in two weeks. This year, our trip was to the southern region of the United States. We were visiting Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

In every trip we have taken, we try to spend as little money as possible so we do not stay at hotels. We always try and stay with a host. Along with saving money, we also get more of an experience from staying with a host. You get to know more about the place you are staying and get to know someone new. This has always been one of my favorite parts of our trips. I get… Continue reading

My First Time… ?>

My First Time…

…..Hosting that is!

Charisma is something that I have always had since I was little.

I love helping people and being around them. So, it was never a surprise to my family and friends when I chose jobs in the areas where I could help: retail, tutoring, and teaching, in addition to volunteering.

In all of these areas I could talk to people, get to know them, and in the long run, help them out.  I remember one time when my family and I took a trip all the way to London, England.

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