Tidying up My Home! ?>

Tidying up My Home!

We all have certain standards for our homes, some stricter than others. But overall, we all just want a nice clean home.

As you all know, I am host to people from all over the world in my VA Beach home.  As any responsible host I pride myself in having a clean home for my guests.  Last year I had such a busy month that my house became a mess.  There is no other word to describe it.

When it comes to cleaning services, it takes a lot of time and trouble to find the best service for the best price.  Some businesses just don’t do the service to the best of their abilities.  So I have made it my duty to tell everyone about the best cleaning services in the area: House Cleaning Experts.

One of the first companies I tried, before discovering The House Cleaning Experts (HCE as I like to call them), were definitely not the best service for cleaning homes.  The ladies who arrived at my home did not clean everything as best as they could. The bathroom was still a bit dirty after they left and parts of the living room were left untouched and dusty. It was more of a lazy clean and not the deep cleaning that I was expecting and paying for. I qualified this company as simple, basic, and overpriced.  This was definitely not a match for my needs!

After asking all my friends and coworkers for a recommendation, I contacted House Cleaning Experts of Virginia Beach.  They came highly recommended by everyone I talked to.  I wished I had asked my friends before I contacted that first company that did not meet my expectations.  House Cleaning Experts of Virginia Beach is the best company I had ever wished for cleaning. Their employees are extremely nice and come in with a smile every day they are asked to clean.

Upon arrival, the ladies who were cleaning my home got right down to business.  They are paid by the hour so no time was wasted. The house was an absolute mess when they arrived but they simply said not to worry and that they would take care of everything.

Let me tell you, they definitely did! By the time they left, the floors were spotless and even a bit shiny. There was no dust to be seen on a single counter. The bathrooms were sparkling white and the sinks had no signs of mold or rust on them!

House Cleaning Experts of Virginia Beach is the perfect company for a deep house cleaning if you’re in need of it.  They are also great for basic cleaning and they will definitely leave your home spotless for a good price as well as in very good time.

I have hired HCE ever since to come clean my house weekly.  I also hired them to clean my Mom’s house. The ladies who cleaned my mom’s house were as kind as can be and moved very quickly.

If you need a service with attention to detail, this is definitely perfect for you. Some things that I never noticed were in need of cleaning were cleaned and made to look brand new!

If you use HCE’s service more than once, they can put your credit card on file so payment is simple and quick. In addition to being friendly to their paying customers, the entire team was kind to every member of my family and made sure to come with a pleasant mood each time they serviced our homes.

This company does the the best job I have ever seen done on my home and would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

Thank you House Cleaning Experts for all your help!

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