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Month: May 2016

Tidying up My Home! ?>

Tidying up My Home!

We all have certain standards for our homes, some stricter than others. But overall, we all just want a nice clean home.

As you all know, I am host to people from all over the world in my VA Beach home.  As any responsible host I pride myself in having a clean home for my guests.  Last year I had such a busy month that my house became a mess.  There is no other word to describe it.

When it comes to cleaning services, it takes a lot of time and trouble to find the best service for the best price.  Some businesses just don’t do the service to the best of their abilities.  So I have made it my duty to tell everyone about the best cleaning services in the area: House Cleaning Experts.

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Dream come true ?>

Dream come true

From the time I was four years old my dream was to travel.

I remember taking trips with my father to the bookstore and begging him to buy the latest edition guidebooks of Europe, and Asia and..well.. everywhere else. Due to my consistent nagging, he finally gave in. I would spend hours flipping through each page, absorbing all the information I could. I would plan out vacations to my future destinations and dream of all the things I would encounter. What can I say? I was a child consumed by wanderlust.

By age seven, I had a complete vacation planned out. There was a large world map pinned to my pastel pink wallpaper with pushpins in each and every destination. I had a plan to travel the world.… Continue reading